Why Limassol?

  • Over 300 days of sunshine per year means perfect weather year-round
  • Rich in history and culture with plenty of museums, archaeological sites, and cultural attractions to explore
  • Convenient location with easy access to other European destinations
  • Excellent value for money with a lower cost of living and property prices compared to other cities
  • Highly secure city with a low crime rate and strong sense of community
  • Stable economy and predictable real estate market make it a smart investment choice
  • Government programs and initiatives support foreign investment
  • Enjoy stunning sea views and a comfortable lifestyle in a hidden gem of the Mediterranean.

  • 5% VAT on the first time of  purchase for physical persons. 
  • Cyprus Fast Track Residency Permit

By purchasing any apartment in DiONE, all our clients can secure permanent residency of the Republic of Cyprus in a few simple steps. The Cyprus’ Fast Track Permanent Residency application process is fast, simple and affords freedom of establishment and mobility (applicants are not required to be present). Amongst the benefits:

  • visa free travel to Europe
  • tax benefits
  • seven (7) years of permanent residency leads to citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus
  • entitled to operate a Cyprus company or business (conditions apply)
  • two (2) month application turnaround time
  • investor and family (spouse, minor children, financially dependent adult children, parents and parents-in-law eligible)
  • simple procedures-no exams or other language tests required
  • No property tax. No hidden governmental charges or paying taxes for the new property you buy except for electricity, water and communal expenses.


  • Non-domicile tax status of foreign investors

Apart from various tax incentives and ways to reduce your corporate tax to a nominal minimum, foreigners who decide to move their personal tax residency to and physically stay in Cyprus for at least 183 days (new 60-day programme is available from 2017), will automatically be considered as non-domiciled in Cyprus for a maximum of 17 years. For tax purposes, non-domicile persons who become Cypriot tax residents will now be completely exempt from Special Defence Contribution tax. This means no additional charge on dividends and being completely exempt from interest charges what essentially means the true free movement of capital and other.